Counting score on the table (map - zone)


I am a complete vassal newb, i managed to start beginning a card game.

But now i am stuck at counting points …
I can’t figure out how to count the score of each player.

The player draw a card, take it in his hand, and later put it on the table.
at this time i want to be able to see his score . sum(score)
every card is has a prototype with a default score. ( should it be a “marker” or a “calculated property” ? )

Some time he has to return some card to the discar deck, the score should be recalculated according to what is left on the table.

Thanks for your help.



Few hours later i found a turorial for one zone…
How to calculate total of numeric Property of all pieces in particular location/state.

It might do the trick, but if you have any other answer, feel free to post it below…

Thank you.