creating a map

I’m using Vassal on a 1Ghz G4 apple powerbook, with 1 mb memory and Java 1.5.0_30.

I encountered this problem some time ago, and was advised of a solution, but coming back to Vassal after a break, cannot remember it. The problem is fairly straightforward. Creating a map, and following the Board Game tutorial, I open the map window component in the configure module and complete that. The next step given is to open the map board component and click on ‘add board’ however when I click on the map board component i get a window asking me for cell width and heights and a select’ board prompt, among other things. Nowhere to add board. i know I am missing something - an extra step or process to get to the correct window, but can’t remember what it was!
Any advice would be much appreciated.

It looks like you’re selecting the Map Boards Properties. Instead of selecting Properties, there should be an option to Add Board.

N6t sure that’s the answer - after expanding the map component, this is what I get (see attachment). If I click on the map boards component I get the screen attached to my last posting. Can’t see anything called properties or map properties. I tried clicking everything available, and everything is either irrelevant to creating a map, or does’nt open anything.

Try right clicking on “Map Boards”. The option to “Add Board” will appear in a popup menu.

Thanks for your help folks, But I’ve found the solution by accident. Other Mac users may want to note that where a right click in needed, as suggested by LB, in Vassal the equivalent to a right click on a PC is, on the Mac, Command- click, and not Ctrl-click as you would normally expect (if of course you’re still using a single button mouse).