Creating a Scenario with a different map board

Howdy, I’m looking to do something rather simple, I think. I would like to add a scenario to the SPQR Deluxe module. In this game each scenario uses a different map. I have the map, and it’s already apart of the module zip and defined in the “module boards” section of the editor, but I can’t find a way to launch the module showing the new map so I can manually place all the setup game pieces and save it as a scenario. Going through the editor I added a Scenario [Pre-defined setup] with my scenario name but I need to assign a .vsav file to the scenario before I can save it. This feels like a chicken and the egg kind of thing. If I can’t setup the scenario I cannot launch the map. If I can’t launch the map then I cannot place the pieces on the map and save it. Without the save file I cannot save the scenario. It’s a vicious circle. :laughing: I’m sure I’m missing something very simple. Anyone have an idea?

When you have added the board to the module, you will find it on the “Choose Boards” panel of the “New Game” wizard. Choose it from the menu that says “Select board”. If your board is not there, you did something wrong adding your board to the module in the editor (perhaps you’d want to make an extension/.vmdx instead). Then set up your units and save the game as a .vsav. That .vsav you can add to the module as a pre-defined setup.