Creating New Modules from Existing Modules

In making modules for a game series, it seemed easier to save one under a new name, then edit the components; map, counters, etc, for the new one. This also helps keep everything in the same “theme,” and keep stuff like prototypes the same across the series.
Each game has it’s own “scenario book” with some history, scenario set-ups and other info.
I load the series rules and the scenario book into the Help tab as PDFs.

I didn’t realize until I’d done 5 modules that the previous PDFs were still in the vmod, and the only way to remove them was to do so manually- ie; delete it from the zip (vmod)

The editor has a “tool” to remove unused image files, but doesn’t apparently have such a feature to remove other “unused” files like PDFs, text, and Vsavs; ie: files not in the Images folder within the vmod. If there is, I’ve yet to find it.