Creation a random initial game state with a twist

I’m very much new to the vassal scene and I would love to learn more about module creation. I was wondering if there was a module that had some similiaritites of a game I am trying to design. It needs to be a hexagon based main map with the ability to assign traits/counters to each hex on the map. Basically I want to put various counters on the hex to indicate the presence and quantity of 3 different materials. By clicking on the counter, the material quantity is decremented and the current player’s inventory is incremented.

I would like to ask a question about automating the initial game state of a game I am designing in Vassal. I have a 6x6 grid of hexagons. What I would like to happen at the click of a button:

Randomly select one of the 36 hexagons that constitute the main map. Increment a counter associated with that hex cell by 2. Here’s the kicker: Increment the counters on all adjacent hex cells by 1.

So somehow I need to link a given cell to all its neighbors and have a trigger present so if a given hex is choosen and its counter is incremented by 2, then all associated neighbor hexes counters are incremented too by 1.

If there is a game module that incorporates what am I describing please point me to it and I will tweak it as I need. If there isn’t a game module like this, is what I am describing possible? If yes, could a veteran module designer please give me some pointers? I can share the work I have done so far.
Thanks so much for your time,

I can see where this could be done but it would require a rather complex set of triggers.

I’m working on zoning a map right now for a mod I’m doing. When I get that done, I’ll fool around with this idea and see what I come up with.

E-mail me if you like.

I haven’t forgotten about you.

I’ve finished zoning my map …that was a long, drawn-out, tedious process (grin).

I’m working on an experimental 36 hex grid as you described. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Here’s a sample mod which may be what you’re looking for.

If you click the Increase button, a random hex is chosen and the counter in that hex is increased by 2 and all neighboring hexes are increased by 1. The Decrease button does the opposite.

Counter values range from 1 to 10 …they won’t increase/decrease above/below that.