Crown of Roses v1.2: two Southwick blocks

On trying out the “Crown of Roses” module, I noticed that the “Inactive Blocks” tray contains two copies of the “Southwick” block (Buckingham faction). The lower one occupies the slot of the “Wiltshire” block. There is no “Wiltshire” block in the tray. “Ctrl-I” sends both blocks to the “Southwick” slot.
I re-downloaded and reinstalled the module in order to rule out a download error, but the problem persists.
Time for a minor mod? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you contacted the module maintainer about the problem?

Not yet. I’m new to the Vassal forum, and I don’t know whether the module maintainer (Joel Toppen) checks the forum on a regular basis to see if there are any issues.
I’m just a bit surprised to see that the module has been out for over a year and apparently no one noticed that anything was wrong.
I’ll drop him a line. Thanks for the advice.

He’s active on BGG and Consimworld…I would try those locations first.