Crusader Rex, East Front II


I’m fairly new to Vassel (with only a couple of C&C Ancients games played) and I’m looking to find some PBEM opponents (and an occasional Live game, although I seldom have much time for those).

Currently Im interested in playing
Crusader Rex
East Front II
Hammer of the Scots

preferably PBEM games.

Please PM me if you wish to have a “newbie” oponent for these games.


glad i looked in here.

yep , i’ve been wanting to play REX .

i am currently learning/playing EuroFront 2.
i own EuroF 1 , so it’s no great leap.

i also have NAPOLEON ,( HOTS , REX , Rommel in the D( which i have never played another human))

but rex is the one i’ve been thinking about

PBEM is preffered for me .
i’d rather not use any card tracking system - another hurdle - and if we’re playing these games - i don’t know what the point of cheating is.
Honour amongst Boardgamers!

my first question about the REX module is SIMULTANEOUS CARD REVEAL?
is this possible in PBEM?

anyway , i’ll brush up on REX + vassal REX over the next days , and get back …

or email me

look forward to it…