Cuba Libre?

Hi im looking for Cuba Libre players :slight_smile:

Sure thing, PBEM using Vassal…I have played the game in person 3 times. Never won yet. “”. 2 P is okay.

I have owned a physical copy of this game for a few years. I tried teaching it to myself but I ended up bailing, I just have too many other solo board games that I can enjoy that don’t involve as much rule-checking and whatnot (I’m a big fan of Spirit Island, Robinson Crusoe, and other solo games). I think I might take to Cuba Libre, however, if I play with actual people however. Is anyone interested in trying to play “live” (e.g. not PBEM)?

Hello, I could do a live Cuba Libre if I had a day off at that time, or in the evening. I am in Central Time USA.
Mark R.

Thanks Mark! I wonder if we could gather 4 players for this.