Custom dice that can be placed on board


I apologize ahead of time for the beginner questions. I didn’t see a beginner’s forum so I hope this is the right place :slight_smile:

I have used Vassal before to play games but now I am interested in using Vassal to prototype one of my own games. I am trying to figure out the best way to create custom dice that can be pulled from a window and placed either on the game board or a “shared pool” window. In my game, each player would have a defined set of dice which they roll, keep one and the rest go into a pool where other players can pull from during their turn.

Symbolic dice seem to only be able to be rolled and not moved. I am messing around with game pieces and random layers although I haven’t completely figured it out yet. Any help would be appreciated. If there is a game that you can think of that already has a similar mechanism I’d love to download the module and take a look at how it was done.


I made “dice pieces” for the module Dune Adventure Game. You can pick up and move the dice around the board and “roll” them (with a right-click command). Each die is a game piece with a set of random layers. You will need images that show each die face in order to create the layers.

Mage Knight Board Game has this function. It’s pretty simple to set up though. What problems are you having with random layers?