Custom PhotoShop Brushes???

Does anyone have or know how to make a Custom Brush in photo shop so that instead of drawing a line or blob you could draw a “railroad” map symbol automatically? You know a line with little dashes across it…

I’m trying to make it in PS7 and not having any luck, though I’m sure there’s a way or someone already has one.

Ok, I’m no PhotoShop wizard (far from it, I actually use it rarely) but your problem sounded similar to something I once wanted to do, so I played around a bit in Photoshop CS2 (I hope those version aren’t too different) and this is what I came up with.

p.s.: I also hope this file is even any use to you.

Attachment deleted since it doesn’t work anyway.

Ikarus, thanks… I d/l the file but PS7 doesn’t seem to recognize it. I placed it correctly, but doesn’t show up… I wonder if CS2 and PS7 brushes are not compatible… bummer… any suggestions?

EDIT: Verified that the CS2 version is not compatible, PS7 giving me an error when selecting the preset.

That’s too bad, I’ll try to explain how to achieve the desired effect - it’s actually not that complex.

1.) Choose one of the standard round brushes (from the “Drop Shadow Brushes” set).
2.) Press F5 to open the Bruhes Palette.
3.) Click on “Dual Brush” and make sure that in the drop down menu for “Mode” at the top of the Bruhes Palette window it says “Multiply”.
4.) Play around with the sliders for Spacing and Diameter until the proportions match your demands.

Hope that works.

Thus spake “geozero”:

In the GIMP, you can do this by copying an area to the clipboard and then
selecting the ‘Clipboard’ brush. This might be what you want.


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