Custom Window and Zone hover box

Dear all,

I am looking into what is possible with Vassal Engine in showing data per zone. Is there any option to show any data of a units and markers in a zone?
Also, I would like to create a custom window in which to show more statistic on a game where I would create a java class on this, but couldn’t find anything online. Anyone knows anything on this?

With kind regards,

Arjen van Hoeve

See the Vassal Module Template for some information on custom code.

Dear uckelman,

I am aware of the example of the custom code. But do you perhaps have any idea how I can implement this is a new window?

You’d need to use JWindow or JDialog, depending on the characteristics you’d like the window to have.

You could look at other Vassal components that create their own windows, like Inventory

Thanks for the advice. Looking into the Inventory code now, looks promising.
Documentation could be improved on how to create these views yourself.