Customising your Refreshes (available for testing)

From time to time, discussions pop up around the topic of applying changes en-mass to Predefine Setup files… for example - this one on deleting obsolete pieces. Other types of change including converting pieces or adding pieces to new At-Start Stacks or cards to new Decks.

If you are interested in that sort of thing, I have a potential new feature that could do with some more testing and feedback.

The concept is that a special Hotkey will be triggered at the end of each Refresh. As module developer you will be able to design whatever maintenance you wish to apply using existing Vassal capabilities - Action or Global Key Commands - and hook those maintenance actions into the Refresh via the special hotkey.

In the current builds, I have called the hotkey VassalRefreshGHK. Find the builds here.

You may currently be applying these changes within the game itself via Startup GKCs or setup procedures that your players have to do. This new feature allows you to convert the game files themselves, potentially speeding up or simplifying game startup.

Things to bear in mind before you try this out:

  1. I have tested it successfully but it is a trial feature.
  2. Remember that Startup GKCs are not executed during Refresh Predefined Setups.
  3. Don’t forget to backup your module before starting work!
  4. Design and test your maintenance actions carefully. You can use the individual Refresh Counters to do one-off tests.
  5. After a refresh, save your module as a different file name so you can do re-runs on the original if need be.
  6. Once you have completed the work, disable or remove the maintenance components so that further refreshes don’t trigger them accidentally.

If you try the feature, please let us know how you get on.