DAK 2 Bug?

Hello, I am trying to play a game of DAK 2. At the start of the scenario (the Italian Offensive, September 1940), there is a huge stack of units in the Tripoli box. The Italian divisions have step loss markers. I can’t figure out how to get rid of these step loss markers–nothing happens when you right click on them. If I move one of the divisions onto the map hexgrid, I can create/delete markers normally. But if the unit is located in the Tripoli box or any of the 5 boxes going to/from Tripoli to hex A19.35, the marker will remain on the board once created (even if I move the unit away). Right clicking it does nothing. This happens as well in the Axis Dead, Axis Removed, Allied Removed, Allied Dead, World Holding, Mideast, and Near East boxes. It happens with exploitation, strategic move, or DG markers. It does NOT happen in the other port boxes.

Any ideas on how to fix that? Thanks!

This is a bug in the java code which supports the OCS FOW rules in the Vassal modules.

It causes any markers such as DG, Step Loss, Exploit to become inaccessible to any player when placed in a off map box.

I’m building a fix for this at the moment and will release it as soon as possible.

The modules will be released here first: cantab.net/users/george.hayward/
and then the VASSAL website will be updated.

This is a temporary fix as it will make these markers visible and changeable by all players not just the player who owns the pieces they mark. But at least the module will be playable.

A proper fix will follow in time.

george973, thank you very much. I have been playing solitaire, so I am able to just ignore the markers. I also discovered the problem early enough that I only have a few on the map. It affects the turn record as well, as I realized when I put a step loss marker a few turns ahead to remind me about a British withdrawl and now it just sits there.

The module is really well done, by the way, and play is smooth otherwise. I really like the feature where you can “increase” or “decrease” Supply markers.

Appreciate your help and your work on this!