Dealing Faceup and Facedown from the Same Deck

Hello Helpful Vassal Folks -

I’m trying to deal faceup and facedown cards from the same deck to many different regions (irregular zone). The deck is set to always deal facedown (it’s a poker-game module), so dealing facedown to any location is a simple task. I’ve been able to accomplish faceup dealing to various regions on the Main Map from the “dealer window” where I keep the deck using a multi-action button made up of three Global Key Commands: deal 1 card to region in the same “dealer” window; flip card (I went with CurrentX as the property to determine the card to be flipped); and then Send to Location.

So all was well, but now in the name of progress I want to migrate this Button/trigger/action from the “dealer” window to the Main Map as an At-Start Stack with an Action Button, so players can simply click on the colorful icon to make a card appear. I have a hunch that trying to graft my solution I described in the previous paragraph onto the Main Map is a bit of a square peg/round hole situation, and I would love some advice from anyone who’s already figured this out.


Of course this is answered here: … lip_a_card