Deck dedicated to a specified player

I’m managing to create a game module with 4 factions.
Each faction has a full cardset (about 30 cards each).
The game is only for 2 players and I would like to create a board with only 2 draw deck and 2 discard pile (one dedicated to each player).

The question is:
Can I force the deck visibility linked to selected player?

I’ll try to be more clear…
At start player will chose 1 of 4 available side.
P1 chose SIDE3
P2 chose SIDE4
(in that game SIDE1 and SIDE2 will not be available).
Is it possible to automatically show on the map SIDE3 and SIDE4 DECK on the relative player draw deck?

Thank you

Instead of placing the 2 decks on a separate board, if the decks are the same for each player, why not just create one deck, copy it to each player hand and add the discard piles also to each player hand.
Then associate each deck underneath each player hand to that map and map discard pile
This will satisfy the restriction as the cards in the other unused player hands will not be available to draw from, nor come into play.

yes, but other player will not see if the enemy is “cheating” with cards.

Not so. If your cards are using the mask trait you can then set Player
hand’s to be visible to all. This allows the owner to see their cards while
only showing the backs to any other player looking at their opponent’s hand.

That in conjunction with report traits on the cards will also notify
opponents when cards are being moved about in another Player’s window (i.e
drawing from a deck or discarding) and prevent cheating

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Thank you Tim M,
another “fast question” about the deck.
how about splitting original 60 card deck into 4 different pile each time the game strats?

Off top of my head I would use 4 Action button At start stacks placed
somewhere near the deck. When you press each button it takes 15 cards from
the original deck and sends them to the new deck, by using a Global Key

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Better yet would be to use just 1 At start Stack.
Give it an Action Button trait CTRL 1
Also give it a Trigger w/ key command CTRL 1
That performs key strokes CTRL 2, CTRL 3, CTRL 4, CTRL 5
Also add 4 Global Key commands each that execute on CTRL# from trigger with
each GKC affecting 15 cards and sending them to your different deck

1 Press presto its done

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