Deck face up/down functionality

I read from Vassal 3.2.xx release notes:

* Decks can now specify a Hotkey for the Reverse and FaceUp/Down command and can customize the Reverse and Re-shuffle menu command names. [RFE 1938]

However, while I can see that reshuffle/reverse can indeed be assigned specific hotkeys and customized text (great! I think I originated this RFE back then :slight_smile:), what about the hotkey and customized text for the face up/down command? They do not seem to be customizable (and the text shows up as “Face up”).

The customized text is a minor issue, but it would be nice to be able to invoke the face up/down hotkey. Is it possible to know what is the internal/hidden hotkey for it, assuming there is one? Or add it in an upcoming patch?