Deck Global Key Command not working

I find myself in a strange predicament. One of the decks in my module has a global key command that isn’t working how it should.

I have the Global key command set to send a CTRL+D when it’s selected, when this happens, it’s supposed to send the top card of the deck to the players hand. I have the fixed number of pieces set to 1 like it’s supposed to, and the Global command is CTRL D.

Problem is, when I right click the deck to issue this command (named Draw a Card) it gives the report, but no cards are drawn. However when I drag the card off the deck and use the CTRL D that’s on the card, it works just fine.

Why is my deck not sending the hotkey to the card? Is there something wrong with this deck? If I need to remake the deck, is there a fast way of doing so?

PS. I have other decks in my module that have their global key commands working.

Update: I tried making another deck and put one of the cards into the deck, The global key command won’t register to the card but the card still functions normally. Why are my decks incapable of sending this command? Is there something I have set somewhere that’s causing this problem?

Update 2: I copied a card from the deck over to a new deck and tried it, the deck refused to register the command, then I deleted the prototype on my card and put the “send to location” and “Trigger Action” traits directly on the card. After that it worked.

Does multibranching prototypes screw up the deck global key?

Because for what I have right now it goes in this order

Card with prototype1 trait > prototype1 with prototype2 trait > prototype2 with “Send to Location” and Trigger Action traits

Does having the traits on prototype 2 cause the deck command to not work? I’m going to verify this and come back.

Ok I fixed it.

Apparently I was unaware that the "trigger action’ trait has to be the lowest trait on the list, so I simply moved the prototypes order around and it works now.

Hope this helps anyone else who comes across this issue.

Yep, you want to make sure your actions are executed from the ground up so any actions that your Trigger Action will affect should be above the Trigger Action. From experience, I have noticed some weird variations to this but that’s the general rule of thumb.