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I’ve been trying to get the game to report a few things when it comes to decks, and I’m have a serious lack of success, so I’m hoping to turn to the brilliant people here again, since all the answers so far have been awesome!

I’m making decks of cards, and I’m having problems with the following…

  1. I want to make it so that when a player drags a card off the top of a pile (or find a way to start a key command that draws it for the player) and it announces that a card was drawn. I’m having trouble setting up the announce and the key command to draw a card.

  2. I want a few decks to announce the card that was drawn by its masked name, and others by their actual name (not that I can get anything to announce right now) is it possible to do both?

  3. When a card is played (or discarded, which I have as separate commands) I want it to announce. I have the Report function in there on the key commands, but they fail to execute when the card goes to the discard pile, any obvious reasons I should check on this one?

I think that’s a safe set of questions leaving a little I can figure out on my own. Please and thank you kindly for the attention to this one as well as all the rest.


Take a look at Battlefields of Olympus, Race for the Galaxy, Les Faiseurs d’Univers (Universe Makers) to see that is included.

On a matchnig property field or trigger, you must know the DeckName reserved word.

Example: DeckName=My Miscard Deck

and too the other reserved word : OldLocationName

Example : OldLocationName= My Draw DEck



Downloaded one of those to take a look…

I’m also looking at how to “seal” a deck so that the only way to draw from it is not by dragging and dropping, but by right click commands and sending it to a specific other area, or deck… anyone have any ideas on that one?

Keep the decks on a hidden window (non accessible to players). Use At start
stack pieces with action button trait (as many as you need and placed where
needed) that when pressed draws a card from the deck via GKC and places it
on the Action button piece via Send to location

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