Delayed Notes in vlogs

Are delayed notes supposed to be preserved in vlog files? Or does this support vary between game vmod files ?

From a quick peek through the code, it looks like they are designed to be preserved with vlog/vsav files. You could give it a quick test with whatever module, and if that holds true it will be true for all modules.


The reason I posted this query is becuase I recently sent a vlog in a PBEM game and the delayed notes
did not show up… I’m not sure what to make of that. The creation and preservation of reserved notes is kinda
of a clunky mechanism as it currently exists, imo.

I’ve got a couple of problem with delayed notes.

I am playing a game of Panzer Leader, PBEM, as the Germans. When I create a delayed note it
says that the ‘Allies’ are the creator/owner of the delayed note. When I started this game I selected
‘German’ player so I’m at a loss to understand why the note comes out as an Allied note. I can
still reveal the note in my session.

I sent my opponent a vlog with a couple oif delayed notes, when I got back his vlog and move,
the delayed notes I wrote from the previous turn, intending them to be revealed this turn, were gone.

I don’t see any vassal documentation directly talking about delayed notes. Is there some operational
secret to using them successfully ?