Delete a counter which don't have this trait

I have created new counters with the possibility to delete make disapear of the game replace old which can to be only eliminated and finish in RIP boxe.
But for old counters in a set up for a scenario i can’t delete possible to do without redo all the set up ?
Thank you for your help .

Can you edit the old counters and add the delete trait to them?
If so, do that and run refresh counters. The old counters should then be ‘deletable’.
You may have to save the module and reload for the refresh to work. Sometimes this is necessary.

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Nice to help me :slight_smile: Yes in prototype now trait deleted is added and i have do what you say but always same problem with 2 old counters who remains in the game without the trait deleted no possible to delete

BTW this problem arrive sometimes and i am obligeted to redo all set up… but this time thinking good to ask to avoid…

Make a new map. Use any image for the map. Drag those undeleteable counters to that map. Save, etc. reload everything. edit the module to remove the new map. Those counters will also go. There is a guide in the FAQ or tips and tricks on this.
Any chance I can have a look at the actual module? Is there are link to it from the Vassal Modules area?

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Thank you :slight_smile: i try later and i see the result :wink:

Finaly no possible because Java error sometimes not easy ! then i re do the set up but again thank you :wink: