Deprecated Code - warning

Got the following warning message from 3.6beta1
Any suggestions on what to do about these???

Deprecated classes, methods, and fields in C:\GAMES\VASSAL module edits\Europe Engulfed edits\Europe_Engulfed_v3.0 beta-RC-67.vmod
(used by => removed item, date eligible for removal)

viewer.CounterDetailViewer =>, 2021-08-05
viewer.CounterDetailViewer =>, 2021-08-05
viewer.CounterDetailViewer => VASSAL.counters.Labeler.drawLabel(java.awt.Graphics, java.lang.String, int, int, java.awt.Font, int, int, java.awt.Color, java.awt.Color, java.awt.Color), 2021-08-27
viewer.CounterDetailViewer$Visitor => VASSAL.counters.Stack.getPieces(), 2021-08-06

There’s supposed to be a message in a dialog when you open a module using anything deprecated (or removed) which explains what to do. Did that message not appear for you?

It looks like this for me:
[attachment=0]Screenshot from 2021-08-26 15-11-55.png[/attachment]

The relevant part is “Please consult the javadoc for the deprecated items at for advice about how to replace them.” If you look up those items in the javadoc for 3.5.8, you’ll find notes about what to use for replacements.

Hi - Yes this came up and I followed the directions exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

“If you are not the original maintainer and do not have knowledge of how to do this, please post a message…”

I have absolutely no clue what to do about this… I don’t even know where to look for custom code or determine if it’s even being used…

There’s custom code in the module; this message wouldn’t be displayed if there weren’t. However, I don’t see where that custom code is in use. I checked all the versions back to 1.7 and found nothing, and I gather from the version history file in the module that the custom code was introduced in 2006, as a preview of a feature we added to VASASL 2.8.

I think the solution to your problem is simply to remove the custom code: Unzip the module, delete the viewer directory, rezip the module.

Thanks much!

My update is based on the 1.7 version and I haven’t touched the module internals, other than thru the editor and adding/deleting images.

I’ll save a branch and delete the directory per your guidance.