Descent 2nd edition Anyone?

I’m looking for players interested in playing Descent 2nd edition, on a weekly basis. I’ve bought the game awhile ago but unfortunately I haven’t played it yet.

GMT -4

I would like to get in on an weekly Descent game

I would join in this; however a caution I have never ‘vassaled’ yet and a multiplayer pbem game is supposedly trickier than 2 player pbem. However if you’ve got the patience I’m in. I do have a copy on my shelves so can refer easily to the rules and scenarios.

PM if you’re stil interested.

I would also be in, since I wanted to try it Descent for a quite some time now.

I own a copy as well and would still enjoy getting a game together

I’m nerw to vassal so I wouldn’t be best placed to start the game off but if someone want to grip it as DM and advise on how they want simultaneous plays by the players, I’m in.

I can play as the overlord. Are we just wanting run a base game without any expansions? I am not overly familiar with the expansions and lieutenant cards, but we can add them if wanted.

Also when is a good date and time for everyone to get together?

I’m afraid that PBEM is out of the question for me, but for live play I can play once a week or weekend using Skype.
During the week: any time starting at 8pm (AST)
During the weekend: Sunday night starting at 8pm (AST)

Time Zone: GMT -4


That sounds good. Lets see if we can get a couple others to commit to those dates and times.

Looks like any day other than Fridays starting at 8pm EST

Ok, that wouldn’t work for me then, because I’m GMT+1 so it would be 1am for me.
However I would be in for a PBEM game, if anyone would be interested.

Are you still looking for people for this? Im REALLY interested in joining a Descent Vassal group. I have the game plus all the expansions and have yet to play it against anyone other than myself :blush:

Im on US Central time , thats GMT-6 i believe.

Is there still any groups open I’m interested in joining I’m new to descent and vassal time zone is pst gmt -7

Anyone have any success. I see a ton of games over the week (via vassal Stats) but havent had any luck finding the online sources.

Looking to play. I am on steam most of the time at Nehkros. Looking to play weekends or even evenings. I am in CST