Deselect Trait: Detach and UnDo

It looks as though the new Deselect trait is being ignored by the UnDo routine, at least when detach is checked.
To demonstrate:

  1. Add the new Deselect trait to a piece. Check the “Detach” option.
    Add the piece to your map and try the Deselect/Detach command.

  2. Repeat test but move the piece before doing Deselect/Detach.

Since Deselect is a UI item it wasn’t given an undo - since users can change the selection in between the action and the undo, for instance. Further undos will still correctly undo the prior actions as current selection does not affect undo, but meanwhile you cannot count on undo to restore the exact UI state, only Game state.

Sorry, I meant to come back on this earlier; it’s not Deselect / Select that is the (potential) issue:

The Deselect traits allows a piece to be detached from the stack - very handy, but attachment to stack is a game state effect, is it not? That is the UnDo issue, I believe.