Designing a trading card game and I need help!

Okay… Now due to some copyrights I won’t be able to upload this card game when it’s finished (if you’re wondering, it’s yugioh trading cards), but I really do need some help.

Ok it’s a 2 player game, each player gets a deck of at least 40 cards. During the first phase they draw 5 cards and only one card for each phase after. On the feild are two sides each containing five spaces for monster cards, 5 spaces for magic and trap cards and one graveyard for dead monster cards.

What I need to understand is how to make each player deck shuffle by right clicking and selecting the command to do so.

If anyone can help and give me some pointers on how to create card games then that would be great. Plus I also looked up the tutorial for playing cards, it was pretty bad since it only generalized on one game and was also intended for an older vassal [/img]


You can also see the trading cards game already present in the modules section :

  • Babylon 5

Just look using the editor mode and you will certainly found what you want.



Create a deck in the editor, right-click the deck and select Properties.

About half-way down, you’ll see and option labeled Re-Shuffle with the available options of Always, Never, Via right-click menu.

The Always Shuffle option is somewhat of a misnomer. If you have this option active, the deck isn’t really shuffled …you just get a random card every time you draw a card from the deck.

If you use the Via right-click menu method, it will shuffle once and stay in that order until you tell it to shuffle again.

Need some help, drop me a note. I have some time right now.

Thanks, I finally figured it out on my own though. And I needed to screw around with the cards slot before I finally got the hang of it.

Who else remembers yugi-oh the card game? I got my first starter deck a long time ago, and just when I learned to forget about it, I suddenly got the urge to play again… Unfortunately I lost all of my cards months ago and couldn’t find them, so I created this program so I could play myself or with a friend.

Btw, does anyone know how to make a player hand that you are able to minimize so the other player can’t see while he’s taking his turn?

Easiest way is to set up a Private Window for each player.

why invent the wheel again.
a program for playing tcg’s. Amongst others yogioh.

I’ve looked at Lackey and am not impressed. There have been a few more modules (games) added, but I don’t think it is possible to have intelligence in the pieces. Does anyone know if Lackey is capable of rotating a card and having something else happen?