Development Journal for New Vassal Designers

The documentation on how to do things in Vassal can be confusing for many of us …as noted by the number of messages I see from people who just don’t get it and from my own personal experiences of not getting it for a really long time. (grin)

As a result, my initial public release of To Be King was quite a disappointment …as much to myself as anyone else. I just didn’t know how to make Vassal do the things I wanted.

Since that time, Tim McCarron has been a tremendous help trying to get me to understand how it all works and somewhere along the line, I finally got it.

So, now that I know what I’m doing (I hope), I’m rebuilding TBK from scratch and I thought I would create a journal of my progress on my forum. I then realized that Vassal newbies may find this journal quite informative as they watch a game being created and being able to post questions and comments along the way.

So, if anyone is interested in following the creation of a module, drop by the…

TBK Official Development Journal