Dice Layer Level Name

I have 6 black dice, 6 red, 6 white. They are identical, with 6 different faces (symbolic dice). They are on 3 at-start stacks.
A- Using the Randomize Action, I can send each die on its’ reserved location after a roll, on the dice pist.
I created 18 Regions on an Irregular Gridon the dice pist map, named after each piece : dr1 to dr6 ; db1 to db6 …
When triggered, a die is sent to Location : Region on the Map / Region Name: {PieceName}. Working fine.

Then, I want to
B-Send each of them on another location based on their face/level, in a bowl. That’s where I struggle.
I started naming the levels :A,B,C,D,E,F.
But this changes the PieceName after the randomize action, which means I can’t find my way on the pist map, even though I am now able to send them in the correct bowl.

Question is:
How can I call a piece layer name without naling the level ? Do they follow some available property ? (from 1 to 6 ?)
If not possible, can I manipulate the PieceName string made of suffixed Level (PieceName+Level) to divide it with some left(…) right(…) text functions ?

I ask here in case the answers arrives before I solved it.


Send to Location → Region Name: {BasicName} for sending the die to the dice pist at first.
Send to Location → Region Name: {PieceName} to use the level name which is not made of suffix nor prefix, to find the correct bowl.

Anyway. That question about manipulating text strings is still valid

workoing nice for testing with Region Name: {$PieceName$+Random(18)} by the way.
Somehow PieceName needed a bit help.