dice result in player hand, not visible to others

I am in need of a random text button that when pushed shows the result somewhere only the player who pushes the button can see the result.

Heres an example.

Player A pushes the button to display a secret mission for his piece. The result is invisible to Players B and C. But there is a message put out that says “Player A has chosen a mission”.

I have most of the effect with a multi-action button, but i cant figure how to hide the secret mission from the other players.

Please help if possible!

Just an idea but could you use cards that are drawn from a deck in the player hand and then sent face down to another hand which is visible to all players but only the owning player can unmask the cards when the mission takes place. Might work or not depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve and how many types of mission there are.


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