Dice Tutorial

Hello, I am new to Module and I would like to know if anywhere online is available a tutorial in which dice are explained.
I have all the assets already I need to understand how random numbers are generated and which items must be created in order to have a number of dice rolled!

Thank you to anyone who might be of any help.


  • Open your module for edit
  • Right click on the absolute top-most entry (holds the name of the module itself)
  • Select “Add Symbolic Dice Button”
  • Give it a name, e.g. “DeezDice”, and tooltip text.
  • Check “Report results as Text”.
  • Report Format… something like… $name$ = [$result1$] (rolled by $PlayerName$)
  • Probably check “show result in button” and give dimensions appropriate to your toolbar icons (32x32 for me)
  • Now, go find that entry (“DeezDice” in this example) and right click on it.
  • Select “add symbolic die”
  • Click okay
  • Now right click on THAT (“Symbolic Die”) and pick “Add Symbolic Die Face”
  • Set its Text Value to 1
  • Click “Select” by icon, and go hook it up to your art for the “1” face of your die.
  • Now repeat for faces 2 through 6 or however many faces you need.
  • Save module. EXIT from Editor. Come back in, and your die should be there.

This article has an example of an animated die:
boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/1777 … how-tricks

Thank you very much I have succeeded in this first tutorial!
I will need someone who explain to me how to do the same now by adding a set of 8 dice directly to the board, that can be enabled by eight buttons in the toolbar. 1 die rolls one till 8 which rolls 8 simultaneously.
Any clue! Thanks again! And Regards,


Thank you, I will have a look!