Dice with Random AND also a set face

Hello there,

I’d like to use 6 faces dice. I named 6 images, and used the Randomize Key Command for the Layer trait, which is all fine.
But I’d also want these faces to be manually set !
As in : after dice were rolled in a classic random manner, you can change the face to what you want.
I can use Increase level AND random.
But I’d prefer to set the level (especially if I need to move to 20 faces dice, some day).

How would you propose both random AND manual face ?

Is there a property for the layer to be set, based on the layer name, just like there is one to get it ?

Have the layer follow an expression (a dynamic property), and then have options on the dynamic property to either randomize it (set it to “Random(6)”) or set it to a specific value.

Ok, thx. Now that many functions are included in some traits, I forget to go back to the basics.