Die roll: separating individual values

I’m working on a rough-n-ready History of the World module. I’d like to have a single button for each type of attack (2d6 vs 1d6 is normal, but it’s sometime 2v2, 2v3, 3v1, 3v2, 3v3 as well). Easy enough to just roll twice, but I’d rather it look cleaner, something simple with an output like this:

attacks: 3, 4 ---- defense roll: 4

I tried to do this by building separate dice buttons for each individual roll (Att1, Def1, Att2, etc.), each with a hotkey. Then I call a Global Key Command, and have a “piece” for each attack that has a trigger looking for that global key. The trigger then performs the relevant keystrokes, which is turn sets the global variables ($Att1_result$, etc.). I then report on that.

Problem is, it only works when I manually run the hotkeys for Att1, etc. The trigger does fire, because the report window shows the output, but it’s never setting the global x_result variable, so it always shows up like this:

attacks, 1, 1 ---- defense roll: 1

Any ideas? I’m a total newbie at this. It seems like something is wrong with the At-Start Stack where I define the “piece” (which is really just a holding place for the triggers and keystrokes). Is there something akin to a scope issue going on here, where a keystroke fired under [Map Window] > [At-Start Stack] > [Single piece] won’t affect global variables at the [Module] level (which is where the [Dice Button] objects are.

Hope that makes sense. Any help is appreciated.

I have the exact same issue…

A scatter function, with a dynamic variable set to a D8 dice reslt that triggers a move in 1 of 8 directions…

but I can’t trigger the dice roll from the playing field… :confused:

Yes I can, its global hotkey trait…