Die Roll Value

Hello all,

I’m working on my first module on a self create game. All is going well so far, but I am having a problem with one aspect.

I would like a certain piece move to a specific location according to the value of a die roll.

Currently I have it set up like this:

the die name for the character: EdnaDie (it is a 1d6)
I have zones on the board created that the game piece will move to Edna1…Enda6
I have the Enda game piece created with the following traits
Basic Piece
Send to location - Move to 1 - keyboard command: ctrl 1 - zone name: edna 1

Send to location - Move to 6 - keyboard command: ctrl 6 - zone name: edna 6
Trigger Action - Move to 1 - when properties match: $EdnaDie_result$ = 1 - perform ctrl 1 keystroke

Trigger Action - Move to 6 - when properties match: $EdnaDie_result$ = 6 - perform ctrl 6 keystroke

The piece moves correctly when I use the keyboard command and when I right click it and send it to the location. However, I would like to automate this so it will move as a result of the EdnaDie roll.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


Best way to automate it is to have the piece move to zone name edna$ednaDie_result$

The Send to Location trait will accept a variable for the zone name so you don’t need the trigger actions. I don’t know how you’re triggering the die roll but if you were doing it on the game piece, I would set it up like this

Basic Piece

Send to Location
Command Name - (blank)
Keyboard Command - CTRL 1
Destination - Zone on selected map
Map - [the name of the map window]
Zone Name - edna$ednaDie_result$

Global Hotkey
Description - Get die roll
Menu text - (blank)
Keyboard Command - CTRL 2
Global Hotkey - [the command you’re using to roll the die]

Trigger Action
Trigger when properties match - (blank …unless you other filters you wish to use)
Menu Command - Send to Board
Keystroke - CTRL 3
Perform these keystrokes - CTRL 2, CTRL 1

This would allow you to right-click the piece and “Send to Board”. If you’re doing this through some other process - external button for example - then you would remove the Menu Command above - as you won’t have to right-click the piece - and use a Global Key Command on the button to send a CTRL 3 to the game piece.

Hey thanks DrNostromo that did the trick!