Die Roller Enhancement

A lot of games, particularly Block Games (e.g., Europe Engulfed, Wizard Kings, etc.), require rolling a LOT of dice.

The existing die roller let’s you do this, however even with the ability to sort the die rolls, it’s somewhat laborious to total up the actual number of “relevant” rolls (i.e., hits).

So I suggest the following enhancement:

  1. Keep the existing die roller, but clone an enhanced version
  2. Add a field (Beanshell expression) that allows the module designer to specify relevant rolls (e.g., >=5)
    2a) This field should have an option to either expose it to the player or NOT expose it
  3. Add variables for tracking the number of relevant rolls and non-relevant rolls

Report Examples:
“You rolled 45 d6 and got 7 hits” (evaluating the expression == 6)
“You rolled 100 d6 and got 35 hits” (evaluating the expression >= 5)

Compare this with the current die roller which would provide a 45 or 100 results and the player has to count the number of relevant hits…

Related Enhancement Request:
Currently the die roller allows a player to specify (if enabled) not just the number of dice, but also size of the die and any additions.
In many cases, players should have access only to the number of dice rolled and not be able to manipulate the other fields.

Thus is could be helpful to allow the designer to have the option of which fields to expose to the players and which should be locked by the module design…

In other words change the current “all or nothing” paradigm for exposing fields to the player to one which allows the designer to specify each field individually.

Enter number dice rolled: [player entry]
Sides of die (6): [fixed by module]
Addition: (0) [fixed by module]