Different defaults for different pieces of the same class


I am modifying (for personal use) the ddm module to use it in rpg games, with a penchant for heavy prototyping. I am currently trying to have all pieces of the same general class to share a dynamic property, with each subclass having different default values. I tried with multiple instances of “Dynamic Property”, but the last simply overrides the first. The property that I am working on is the marker “Layer” (for use in Game Piece Layers).

Could anybody give me some pointers, please?

This might help (if only to give you the limitations of what is possible), although I’m not sure it applies to your case:

[edit]If it’s only a simple thing that you want to define, I’ve found it easy to just add it to each sub-class (not in the prototype). It’s not much work with copy/paste.

I checked both vassalengine.org/forums/view … 0652136871.

It seems to me that it is impossible to do what I want: I tried with multiple methods. First I tried with multiple entries of Dynamic Property and Marker. The last entry trumps everything that precedes it, as expected. Then, I tried the method suggested by Brent in the first topic of editing the image in the prototypes: Placing the property in a prototype and then setting the default in a subprototype did not work: if you carefully read Brent’s wording, he had already written it is not possible to do so.

The whole point is to keep the maintenance as easy as possible. I would rather avoid copying common dynamic properties from one prototype to another.

Thank you for the reply as it was very useful nonetheless.