Different sized toolbar buttons. Simple solution?

I was wondering if there is any value in us standardizing the toolbar button size.

Given many modules have all sorts of different sized graphics, things can end up looking really bizarre; Some toolbars take up a huge amount of screen space. Would it be a plausable idea for Vassal to resize all toolbar buttons and graphics to some fixed size we decide on? This way the toolbar is always a uniform size. Even if the height is the only dimension we re-size, I think it would go a long way improving the look and feel.


I always replace the standard icons and standardize size of button height to be uniform

But I dont know if you would want to arbitrate this. It may be that some may want to have deliberately large buttons and resizing them defeats an intended purpose, unless you can make it as some sort of interface option that toggles on/off

Thus spake “bsmith”:

Yes. I’ve had that on my list of things to nearly since I joined the

A fixed size in either dimension would not work, due to variation in
button graphics. Anyway, you can’t do a thing about width, because
the length of button text can vary hugely.

Three things I think we should do:

  1. Make all off the default button images the same height (…and why not
    change them to PNGs while we’re at it).

1a. Get an SVG icon set to replace our current icons. (I’m working on this…
I’m not producing them myself, but I’m getting some that we can use.)

  1. Set the height of all buttons which are displayed in one row to be
    the maximum of their preferred heights.

  2. Some buttons end up inside additional containers, which looks stupid.
    We should either get rid of those, or make them all fully-fleged moveable
    toolbars. (I prefer the latter.)


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I would definitely want the graphic specified for the button to specify its size, not some arbitrary size that we choose. However, it does make good sense to make the height uniform for an entire row. Definitely just good sense to have a uniform size for all the default icons. I guess if we use SVG for the button icons, then the desired size will have to specified in a different pair of properties.


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OK cool; Just wanted to check that something was in the pipeline. I’m not fussed personally; I suggested a standard fixed size because it would mean modules look better across the board without us expecting module designers to know good Interface design.