Different turn sequence for each player

Is there a way to have a different turn sequence for each player AND be able to select which players are included in any given game? I’m not seeing it.

I generally do this in my games with an initialization button and a hidden card deck.

First, create a Global Property for each player side. Something like…

[playerside]Active with playerside being the name of each player side and set their starting value to 0.

Create a hidden window. Place a deck in this window called something like PlayerTurnControl and place a card for each player in this deck. Also, create decks called something like PlayerTurnControl_Draw and PlayerTurnControl_Done.

On the map, create an initialization button for each player side. When a player logs in, they click their initialization button. Have the button set their [playerside]Active GP to 1. This will indicate that the playerside has a player and is active.

Also have the button take the player card in the PlayerTurnControl deck and send it to PlayerTurnControl_Draw deck. Once all players are initialized, the Draw deck will only contain cards for active players. You can then use the drawing of those to create a random turn order. Once a player has their turn, their turn card is sent to the PlayerTurnControl_Done deck until the end of the round. Then all cards are returned to the Draw deck to start a new round.

Okay. That’s ‘advanced’ (for me anyway). Can you point to a module that has this implemented?

I don’t know of one off hand but I’m working on a new version of Trivial Wars that has that in place. If you don’t mind looking at a module that’s a work-in-progress, I’ll post a link to it.

Dr. N

Sure I’ll take a link please.

Here you go. Inside the zip is the current version of TW and some notes.