Disable Change Sides Options

I’ve developed a few modules that allow more than one person to play on the same side together. An example in the “Definition of Player Sides” I have “NATO, NATO 1, and NATO 2” to allow up to three people to play on the NATO side. For the units in this module, I have Restricted Access traits so only the correct player(s) can manipulate their units. These units also have Invisible traits so only the correct player(s) can see their units when they’re invisible. The problem I see is, when only one or two players (in this example) are playing on the NATO side, the opponent player(s) can “Change Sides” and select the available NATO side and see what he/she shouldn’t be able to see. What I’d like to see is the ability of players to disable available sides to prevent this issue. I think it should be a toggle option so if someone else wanted to join the game, the player that disabled the side could then enable it again allowing the new player to take that “Side.”



There won’t be any features added at this point to VASSAL as it exists now, but I totally agree that a top-to-bottom overhaul of how player sides are configured and managed (both pre-game and within game) is crucial to include in VASSAL 4 development.