Displaying a Dice Roll Count

I’ve set a Global Property in a roll all dice button properties to increment a DiceRoll count, so that each time the button is pressed the DiceRoll count increments by 1. I have then set trigger actions which will trigger the increment. I want to display this information on screen so a player will know how many dice rolls they have taken before they have to choose the dice they want to use. In the game a player is allowed to roll dice up to 3 times. I think I have set the Global property and the trigger actions correctly, but I am not sure how to display the RollCount on screen.

Any advice? :slight_smile:

Create an At-Start Stack where you want the GP for the dice count to display. For the game piece in the ASS, you can use a transparent graphic.

For this example, let’s assume the Global Property you’re using is DieRollCount

Add a Text Label trait to the game piece. In the Text box, put in…

Die Roll Count = $DieRollCount$

This display will automatically update any time the GP changes.