Disturbing log recording problem with Vassal 2.8

Hey guys.

I’m not sure if this has been looked at since Vassal 2.8:

Some history:

Now until a week ago I never used to step forward and backward while recording so I’ve never noticed this happen. Nor do I seem to have had opponents who have done it. So after 50-60 games of VASL I played a game against a new opponent. I started noticing pieces disappearing and shifting around between logfiles. Things were being changed around somewhere between the state at the end of the last file I sent to the beginning of the next file I received. Not only that, they were changes that just happened to be benefiting my opponent in a big way.

I raised the issue with my opponent and he said he didn’t know, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, strange things kept happening and they were just way too convenient to have been anything other than cheating (I thought). So I stopped playing the guy.

Anyway, while recording a new logfile and stepping through an opponent’s log, in the last couple of days I’ve been going backwards and forwards to do things like confirm an opponent’s move or check something which may have been in error. I just got a message back from my opponent saying “Hey what happened to that tank? Didn’t I kill it? Hey I moved those guys, why are they back there?”

Has anyone noticed this? Seriously, it has led to one of the most unpleasant gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Being convinced a fellow ASLer is cheating.

There should never be a problem with stepping forward while recording a logfile. If you have a reproducible case where that happens, I’ll do my best to fix it. Stepping back and forth, of course you can make deleted counters reappear, etc. Depending on when you start recording the logfile, you might end up with confusing results.

But what should always happen is that no matter what you do while recording a logfile, your opponent should see the same thing you do by the time you reach the end. If you can find a case where you write a logfile and save the game right after you write the logfile then find that stepping through the logfile brings you do a different state than loading the saved game, that’s a bug we’ll have to fix. I’m not aware of any known issues right now that would cause this, though.


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