Division 5 Car Wars Arena Duel *NADA* Event: The Lave Dome

On Friday night, January 25th.

NADA will be hosting a Division 5 Arena regional event starting approx at 1030pm EST.

A choice of cars will be provided to choose from unless you would like to build your own.

I am hoping to get at least 3 other players, with a max of seven other players.

Required mods is the latest CW 3.0.2

Game length: the match could last up to 4 hours. At that point, we can call it, and tally the points. Unless it ends sooner.

Arena will be the “Lava Dome”
Points will be awarded as per follows
5 points per jump over the smelter
3 points for total vehicle kill (including killing the driver)
1 point fire power kill (no longer shoot something)
1 point mobility kill (no longer able to move)

First person to make 3 successful jumps over the smelter will win the event. (that includes being able to drive away after the landing!)


ShotGun Jolly
(AKA) JC Locke

Thus spake “JC Locke”:

Out of curiosity, should I read that as “The last person not to make
an unsuccessful jump over the smelter will win?” :slight_smile:


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A player can win “posthumously”

So if you have no points and still alive at the end of the duel, but someone has 5 points, but died, Then the person with 5 points would win.

All drivers of NADA Events are covered under the Gold Cross Seal of Protection :slight_smile:


Would this be on Jan 25th, perchance? I’m interested, but not sure if I can make it.

DOH!!! :blush:

Yes, the 25th…


Damn, I wanted to get in on the next Car Wars smackdown but we have a huge gaming convention here in Australia; I’ll be right in the middle of an ASL scenario with chess clock ticking. :frowning:

Wow, an Australia Day weekend gaming convention! Cool!
I’m thinking most likely I won’t be able to make this event (the Div 5, not the Australian convention).

What vassal module are you using as I don’t see any car wars module?

CW 3.0




We now have 4 spots left and they are going fast.

So far the drivers are

Brad Orginal NADA Member
Glenn Jupp
and Myself

lots of more room yet… and for those not wanting to play, you can feel free to drop by and watch :slight_smile:

…but go ahead and put me on the list.

Now I just have to figure out what car to bring, remember how to drive it, how the weapons work, etc. :confused:

Well, I can always just drive into the smelter if I’m getting in the way, or slowing things down too much. :laughing:


You got no worries about that :slight_smile:

slowing us down that is…

Driving into the smelter, well that is something to worry about.

Hey Guys

It was a game of first’s!

First time Jump rules were used!

First time a person collided in mid air!

Firstime a person got smelted!

Firstime a person VAULTED into the air on landing!

I will write a little recap later. But here were the final tallies

1st: ShotGun Jolly (me) (5 pts) making and landing a jump!
2nd: Glenn Jupp (3 pts) getting a complete kill (Casuing Harvey to crash)
3rd: Harvey (2 Pts) first to make it to the bonus check point
4th: Ole Man Bob, Aylwin (1 pt) surviving the event

If Harvey would have been able to keep control of the car while landing (after the mid air collision) he would have had 7 pts!

Good game everyone!! and good times has by all!