do i need to load every logfile or just the most recent one?

As title says. Finding one of my games not matching what i last had in a multiplayer game. Thinking someone continued with a bad logfile (not the corrected one), but wondering if I need to load every logfile as well. I dont think so but just checking.

You only need to load (and importantly, play back) the most recent logfile if several have been created since your last turn. The catch, however, is that this presupposes that everything has been done correctly by multiple users preceding you (i.e., the state of the most recent file accurately reflects everything that has gone on).

You can in theory open and review multiple logfiles sequentially using the “Load Continuation” feature, but it is frighteningly prone to user error in a multiplayer situation due to the utter absence of warnings if you load files in the wrong order, omit some, and/or fail to play them back to conclusion. I cannot recommend against this strongly enough.

If you need or wish to review several turns that have occurred since yours, you can open, play back, and close logfiles in isolation one at a time. If everything checks out then simply load and play back the last of the files before creating your own.