Does a Layer need to be named so that it can be referenced?

Hi folks,

as per the Topic title, do I need to name a layer for a counter if I want to reference it in a check?
Or can a layer for the current counter be referenced even if not named (and how)?

Layer named “Strength” can be checked with “Strength_Layer = active”.

possible ???

A layer doesn’t have to be named. What you’d probably want to do is have the layer follow a property (something like: StrengthStatus) and include a Dynamic Property on the piece for StrengthStatus with 0 = off, 1 = on. Then just adjust the DP when needed and the layer will follow.

Thx Dr!

Your approach would require quite a bit of work I guess (for the Normandy '44 mod actually)… I mean reworking all of the counters in the game like that.

What I basically need is to check if a counter Layer is at its lowest Level (3) and then triger further actions. That is why I wanted to know if Layers can also be referenced without being named, because in the current situation I will have to name them under each counter in the game. Not THAT much of work, but tedious a bit ;)

Therefore I need to know if that approach is possible, or if I have to name the Layers?

In order to reference layer properties, the layer must be named.

Thx Brent!

Will then take the long road :slight_smile: