Does anyone know anything about these modules?

Hello folks!

Have these modules been made(?):

Space Hulk
Warhammer Quest
Wings Of War

I would love to get hold of these, especially Wings Of War (might try to make a module otherwise).

Thx for your help!!


Online Monopoly can be played using Atlantik if you have Linux. There are probably Windows/Mac programs for this as well.

Dear SixPack,

I have started work on Warhammer Quest, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do deck magic with the dungeon deck. The other stuff should be fairly straight forward in terms of implementation. I haven’t really played much with that feature and while I’m not a total non-coding newb I’m not the code-jocky that some are.

If you know something about the deck system I’d be happy for the help! :laughing:

Unfortunately I don’t know much about making a module. I’m wanting to make a Zombies!!! module, so sorry, I can’t help you.

It’s great your doing a Warhammer Quest mod!!! The game is so cool. If you could help me in my Topic under Module Design, how to put pics in a module, etc., please feel free to help me. :slight_smile:

Warhammer Quest for VASSAL. It contains the original box set with no options warriors or quests.

Continued development is occurring. Please join us on our dedicated Google group at:

Have a nice one.

I’m also interested in Games Workshop Modules, especially:

Space Hulk and Talisman… can anyone give me a hint where/how to obtain them for private use? I own original versions of these games…

Thank you!

I think there was a Space Hulk module, but don’t know where to get it now.

There are also other programs available to play Space Hulk. I heard this one is good (haven’t played it yet): … 21575.html

Here’s their official site (GW or THQ made trouble and they had to remove the downloads):

I think someone on here was making a spacehulk game.

Someone is working on Space Crusade, but I guess you can use the module to play Space Hulk, too. The module designers gotta be careful, if GW finds that out, they will send their assassins or lawyers or both. ;)

There was another Space Hulk computer game, called Space Hulk-SP. The project was also killed by GW.