Does not Equal!

I’m trying to get the name of a piece and compare it to a simple string, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work!

This is what I’m attempting:
BasicName != name here

This is what I’ve tried:
BasicName != name here
BasicName =! name here
$BasicName$ != name here
$BasicName$ =! name here

None of these are working and I’m stumped, any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

Edit: The Does not Equal expression appears to be working in other parts of the code, just not with the BasicName. Can BasicName be compared with it?

what version of VASSAL are you using?
In my 1.19, BasicName != name here worked well.
I wrote it in Trigger Action, no “$” needed.
Whether the BasicName is “name” or “name here”?
In my module, blank is supported too.

Hm strange, I’m using 1.20 but I can’t recall it working for me previously in 1.19. Maybe I just fudged it up somewhere, thanks for the response suppose I’ll take a few more wacks at it.