Does not move feature

As an alternate to the ‘does not stack’ feature, can we get simply a ‘does not move’ feature so that the piece once placed could be seen in the mouse over stack feature and could be positioned within a stack so that other pieces could be placed on top of or underneath it but when the rest of the stack was selected and moved that piece stayed put.

Is this something you can already do with player sides?

Not sure what you mean. To give an example of what I mean… you have a fortress counter that marks a defensive line on the map, some units need to be placed under the counter and others on top…or you have a transparent ‘city’ counter with traits that reflect various damage levels from bombing etc. when counters are in the city hex you need to be able to see the damage level of the city…in neither case do you want the counters to ever leave their locations and you want to be able to view the counters in some way without moving all the counters in the hex to see them. Player sides (if I read you correctly) would merely restrict which players had access to manipulate the counter.

You’re reading me correctly , and my suggestion is too restrictive. I meant to create a special side so no ordinary players could move the counter–but maybe that would prevent viewing the various mobile and “does not move” counters properly.
Good luck