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hello i have finished a couple of my games on vassal and i am seeing if anyone wants to play test them. the first 2 up are Houses of Dune and Battles.

HOD) Houses of Dune is a political game based on the novels. you take one of the main houses secretly and try to achieve your mission using intrigue, politics, governing and tactics. i require 5 players for me to referee.

BTLS) Battles is a wargame that uses a card system which has a RPS system that makes it a decision of do i want to work hard for this battle and help resupply my opponent or work less and resupply less. i require only 1 player and i will play.

i will be trying to bring out my other games
Galactic Empires (a board game where victory can be acquired by economic, clandestine, cultural not just military)
Foresight (a card game that puts the players in the position of powerful figures with the power of seeing the future)
Aggressive Businessmen (a board game that has a simple but realistic stock system and scoring system along with a strong economic base)
Apocalypia (a rpg set in an apoc world that has both high steam tech and low sword tech mixed well together with some really nifty mutants and races)

You have my Skype

Consider me a volunteer for all your games ;)

Thanx for the mod and rules. I’ll check them out shortly. Starting Thursday, I’ll be off work for 5 days so I should be around at most times during that period.

Feel free to contact me via Skype …see sig.

I have just finished galactic empires
it is a very simple game with some basic rules and units but as the game goes on players gain more technology and the different players and start to very significantly
also the game can be one by economic prowess, cultural supremacy, espionage along with military conquest

Let’s try it :slight_smile:

2 more games finished.

Aggressive Businessmen:
a track and city game with a stock system. you and your opponents take it in turn to expand your city, connect cities and place down branches in other cites to try and increase your stocks above your opponent so when the final turn happens you have the most money.
Clan Wars:
a wargame where you are fighting for resources to try and convince the seven clans to support you in your efforts to claim domination over the world.


Is it possible to have more informations, like a website with a presentation of all the games you are talking about ?



i don’t have a website and after reading your post i tried to make one but it just hurt my head even with the very helpful mac user interface. so is it alright if i just do a more in depth description on the forum here.

alright i will take this silence as a yes

Houses of Dune:
play as a iconic house in the first dune book and try to obtain victory over your opponents through espionage, diplomacy and intrigue. design your faction with chamber men and then launch your assault on dune and claim victory for your house.

Galactic Empires:
a empire game that allows you to construct how the game is played out during the game. take up the sword and conquer the galaxy with a massive fleet, choose the credit and set out to rule the economic scene, believe in your view of the world and convert the rest of the galaxy to your thinking or stay hidden in the shadows and disrupt your opponents with espionage and diplomacy. and unlike in other games who try the same thing it all stays simple and neat.

a simple wargame where 2-3 players fight for control of the field of honor. what card you pick defines what happens next. play high cards and win more battles but reinforce your enemy, play low cards and lose more battles but weaken your enemy, balance your army or specialize, what card will your opponent play and prepare for special cards to use them to the most use.

Clan Wars:
a risk like game where you try to conquer the world while claiming resources. but instead of simply recruiting more units you have to bid for them with the resources you collected to earn the use of the clans.

Aggressive Businessmen:
a city building game where you build up your city with railroads and branches to make your stock the most pricy so when the game ends you earn the most.

Would be interested in first 3 games listed, perhaps the Space game first.


Sorry for my absence i was bitten by the NaNoWriMo bug
alright JUNO44 and anyone else i am all up for playing any game.
i have looked back at my descriptions and laughed, so here is a more descriptive attempt at describing the games.

Houses of Dune: The Mighty space emperor has become displeased with the current owner of Dune, so he has declared that anyone can harvest on Dune for the next year, and the person who proves themselves the most adequate at running Dune wins, but being several thousand million light years away he doesn’t see the intrigues that are being played out and the vendetta’s being sought after. The Emperors chosen house has been sent to take over Dune forcibly, while this information has been leaked to the current owner of Dune and he now seeks to destroy them as a show of his superiority. A third house seeks not to claim dominion over Dune but dominion of the people who have dominion over Dune by finding out all there secrets. The fourth house is one of the only houses who have taken up the emperors challenge who is here to play by the rules, to an extent as they have extra spice left over from the trading that they are willing to use to tip the challenge to their favor. But while all of this is happening the natives are trying to rebel, and take back the planet which has been lost to them for some time by killing off the colonists and recolonizing their world. But Dune is a barren planet with little water and building material along with spice and resources quickly are depleted so the houses wait for the mighty sand worm to unearth more of the three precious resources so they can continue their conquest. Scheme for the title of ruler of Dune but make sure they don’t know who you are for knowledge is power.

Galactic Empires: in a small galaxy some where in the universe, four unique and different races emerge from their solitude of their home planet to find they are not alone in the galaxy. At first they tried being peaceful but the one thing that they al had in common was the drive for more power. So they sent out to rule their galaxy the way that they deem best. Will they try to bankrupt their opponents into submission with their mighty mercantile sense, Will they lead their culture to superiority by showing the others how superior it is to their ways, Will they sow the seeds of decent and distrust amongst the others till they can no longer stand on their own, Will they crush them under their mothers military army boots as their ships take over everything, Or will it be a combination of any amount of these, along with the fact that alliances will decided who you fight, who you backstab and who you help back onto their feet. The choice is yours, and the options are many.

Battle: In many times of human history there has been war. and in every engagement the victor wasn’t the person who had the best toy, the bigger army, or the superior moral and literal ground, Although those would help. But many it was won by the person who could not only tell what his opponent was going to do but use this to their advantage. and battle does just that. with a rock paper scissors system you have to decide what your opponent is going to do and how best to counter it. are you going to go with 3 rocks and bash his scissors no end, or will you choose 1 rock and 1 paper just incase he might choose rock or scissors, but what if he choose paper in any of those instants. along with the point of how much you are willing to bet what your opponent is doing, the more devastating an attack is, the more rallying the enemy populace will do to counter such a brutal attack not just on their own troops, but on their way of life, so will you do as much damage as you plan to do, or will you kill two of their units to simply be replaced by another four. decisions, decisions.

Clan Wars: The world came to an end, but a new world has been formed. several clans have risen to universal power, and spurred on by this you have decided to make your own empire, but in the wastes their isn’t much to build off of, so with what you scavenge from the wrecks of cars and buildings you bid for the assistance of the seven clans who came before you. they might give you aide, or your enemy aide and still take all your resources you painstakingly worked for. then with what troops who could hire you take more land and more resources till you have become an equal to the seven clans as the eighth.

Aggressive Businessmen: in this patch of untamed land a precious vein of lawrencium was found. Now four corporations seek to make the most money off of their developments their. as your city grows you will earn more money, but so will your opponents. will you use this money to buy their stock and then sell it when it is worth enough, will you buy your stock and then make it worth it, or simply ride the train of success as you power what stock you have through the roof. you will be train tracks to smooch off of other cities, or build small towns to counter them, build branches of your corporation to start earning extra, But remember, it will take years for this to fully payoff so you only have your stocks and the money you can make off of them, so be prudent.

I have designed two new games still in the works but hopefully i will get them finished and up on vassal soon.

Succession: You are a leader of a noble house in a future medieval era. you have your armies, your titles and your vassals. that is until another player makes them their own through actions that could make the characters hate you, love them, see things in a different light. Also while your daughter goes off to fight against you in her teenage years you have to find marriages for your children and their children so that you can bring in more characters to give you more power and options.
A simple card game of medieval politics that is still in depth and requires a good bit of player interaction.

Alexandria: You are a leader of a sci fi government. the world has changed drastically and so has the conflicts which arise. instead of the early days of grand fleets meeting in battle, we have politicians winning the hearts of our enemies peoples, we have a small amount of senators and ambassadors debating galactic policy, we have scientists trying to make their faction become to advance for anyone to defeat them and only small strategic strike battles that bring no honor, glory or hope before the publics knows or after. but as tensions rise and warships are constructed, this world of political, technological and even economic warfare is threatened as hatred, revenge and pure ambition for power makes these mighty governments prepare for maybe the final war for the galaxy.
A Customizable components game where each player takes on the role as a leader of a faction and must decide how to achieve victory. through technological supremacy, economic domination, political maneuvering or the old ways of blaster and missile.