Doom: The Board Game

Hello everyone. I’ve got this board game and not enough people to play it with locally. Is there ANYONE out there that is making or would like to make a MOD for this one. I should be able to provide scans of the all the pieces in the game to help out a little. I just have no knowledge of how to actually create the MOD as well as not enough time in a day to do it.

Please let me know if someone has some time to spare and help me make this possible.


The problem with trying to make a Vassal module of Doom is that it is published by FFG, and FFG in the past has been reluctant to allow Vassal adaptations of their properties. While someone could make a Doom module, the problem is that there is no practical way to distribute it without FFG’s permission, and if the creator can’t share the module with anyone else, what’s the point in making it?

Not trying to discourage you too much, but if you don’t get any positive responses to your request, I figure I’d provide a little insight as to why that might be.

I never even considered that. Thank you for pointing it out to me. I just wish I actually had someone to play the game with since I’ve owned the game for 3 years now and never actually got to sit down and play like I thought I would. Most people I used to game with have moved away since they’ve graduated school and stuff.

Unfortunately for me, I’m 26 and married so I’m not going anywhere like they have…lol.

I wonder if there’s a way for people that own the game to share it and just play P2P. Kinda hard to limit the module for it like that but I can dream I guess.

Again, much appreciated, Thank you!