Doubleclicking a piece to activate a laver?

Does anyone know if this is possible in VASSAL?

I have a feature request for my mod (ElfBall) and this player would like to activate a player layer by doubleclicking!


I don’t think it’s possible out of the box, but you can somewhat emulate it with an action button, a global property and a trigger:

  1. action button to cover the piece with command CTRL A;
  2. set global property which on CTRL A increases FOO by 1;
  3. trigger to fire on CTRL A when FOO=0 issuing CTRL B (or whatever turns on the layer)

FOO should be numerical from 0 to 1 with wrap checked.

Drawback: it will wait forever for a second click instead of just aborting it if the double click is not fast enough, which is not exactly ideal… Maybe you can have triggers that reset FOO to 0 wherever anything else is done on any other piece on the map (to simulate time passing)…