Download Modules?

I know the server is being transferred and all, but is there another location for some of the modules? I’ve found links to the VASSAL engine, but not the modules. I’m looking for Twilight Struggle in particular.

Okay, I found a website that had the Twilight Struggle module. I haven’t been able to find one for Power Grid though. Does that mean it’s not been made, or just hard to find?

Twilight Struggle 2nd ed. v1.3: … d-1.3.vmod

I don’t believe there is a VASSAL module for Power Grid.


An idea where I can find the module for Memoir’44 and Battlelore ?

Thanks a lot :smiley:

Thx for the info, I guess Power Grid just isn’t enough of a war game. :frowning:

It has zero to do with it being “enough of a war game” and more to do with someone picking up the mantle, i.e., the designer and/or producer giving permission for the game to be created as a Vassal module and then a fan creating it.

Some companies - if contacted will provide support - and some even make their own modules available as a free - or even as a paid item.

Other games like Arkham Horror and Return of the Heroes are NOT available freely as a Vassal module, but that has not kept fans like myself from experiencing either in the Vassal environment. That said, IF you really want Power Grid created, you can always do it for your own use and not make it available to the general public.

There is also Cyberboard and a Power Grid: Factory Manger game box is already available.

I know zero about Power Grid, but at least this gives you hope that a full game could be made available for use with Vassal/Cyberboard/Zuntu/Ade De’ Camp.