DR and message stop reporting to log; unknown cause

Six players participate in online workgroup server game. I alone use four computers [four operating systems, java, etc)

• I have been leading a group performing a major upgrade to the THE LONGEST DAY Vassal module. Primarily as a play-test a multiplayer play-test game of Scenario 2 is conducted on Thursday nights with typically six players; appox 10 weekly sessions to date.
• Three weeks ago (14-May) we were using TLD-v0.8b77 without major issues other than identifying or testing module enhancements.
• Two weeks ago (21-May) we were continuing the game using TLD-v0.8b78. [Version 78 had 48 addition changes relative to b77.] Midway through the session it was discovered that although the players could see their own (inherent vassal) die rolls, no one else could see another’s die rolls on the server. The exception was the one player still using TLD-v0.8b77, who could see everyone’s die rolls.
• The following week, (28-May) the game continued some with b77 and some with b78s. It was also noted that when using b78, others could not see any comments entered into the log via the chat text line, in addition to die rolls not visible to others on the server.
• The root cause of this non-reporting of die rolls and text is undefined. There are no die roll preferences in the TLD module (unlike those in the VASL module), the die roller reporting configuration between b77 and b78 was verified as identical as I never modified it. None of the 48 changes between b77 and b78 are related to either function.
• It is true that the different players are using a combination of Macintosh, Windows, and Linix OS versions and sub-versions. One member is using the beta Vassal Engine 3.0 whereas most are using 3.2.17. Most likely multiple versions of Java are collectively in use as well.
• A separate issue demonstrated over the last 10 weeks is at some point the text labels in my combat counters started to overrun the counter boundaries on some but not all of my computers, and was not consistent which ones week by week. This was addressed by reducing the label font size without understanding the root cause. Likewise in recent weeks, the stats on the fortification counters introduced in Scenario 4 overrun the counter boundaries of one of my three computers.
• It is unknown if the non-reporting and text layout root cause is differing vassal engine (beta 3.0), competing java versions, or different OS interacting with Vassal and/or Java, or file corruption by one or more of these variables… (In recent weeks I have helped several Mac OS 10.15 Catalina users find the older java version 8 update 91 to make vassal work as the current java version 8 update 251 would not run Vassal). In years past prior to 2.5?, after a vassal engine update, the majority of vassal modules at that time were impacted.
• I will be experimenting rebuilding my b78 changes into b77 one by one to see if I can replicate the issue. However I will only be using one of my four computers (Macbook 10.6, iMac 10.13, WinXP, Win10) and will not be exercising all OS, Java, Vassal Engine version of the group. I have a great distain for repeating three weeks of my effort given great limits of discretionary time, treating a symptom while having no idea what the actual root cause is.
• Most organized competitive pbem play uses ACTS/Warhorse for die rolls, keeping a journal for die rolls/messages/card management, and elapsed time usage. However the lack of reporting of messages into the vassal log would significantly impact pbem play.

Any insight is appreciated.

Has this recurred with any more recent versions, such as 3.5.3?