Dragging counters from the tray to the board

I’m familiar with Cyberboard, but this is my first try with Vassal. Forgive the Cyberboard-ish terminology! When I’m doing setup during the first turn of my PBEM game, I’m dragging units from the Counters window to the map. So far, so good. What surprised me, though, was how the units remain in the Counters window. That is, it’s like their copied to the game board rather than moved. Not a problem, but I have to be very careful that I don’t drag duplicates of some counters over since they never “go away” from the counter window.

Do I understand this correctly?

Yes Mark, that’s correct.

In well-designed modules the pieces should have already been dragged onto the board for specific scenarios (pre-defined setups). But otherwise yes, at least for now you do need to pay attention if you want to avoid dragging duplicates. :slight_smile:

Thus spake “MarkJohnson”:

Yes, that’s the way it works. A reason for this is that it would be
impossible to recover pieces you’d deleted otherwise.

For games with a fixed setup, people generally create setup files
and include those with their modules.


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